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Tools for building and manipulating graphs in Python.

Quick Start

You can use scprep with your single cell data as follows:

import scprep
# Load data
data_path = "~/mydata/my_10X_data"
data =
# Remove empty columns and rows
data = scprep.filter.filter_empty_cells(data)
data = scprep.filter.filter_empty_genes(data)
# Filter by library size to remove background
scprep.plot.plot_library_size(data, cutoff=500)
data = scprep.filter.filter_library_size(data, cutoff=500)
# Filter by mitochondrial expression to remove dead cells
mt_genes =, starts_with="MT")
scprep.plot.plot_gene_set_expression(data, genes=mt_genes, percentile=90)
data = scprep.filter.filter_gene_set_expression(data, genes=mt_genes,
# Library size normalize
data = scprep.normalize.library_size_normalize(data)
# Square root transform
data = scprep.transform.sqrt(data)


If you have any questions or require assistance using scprep, please contact us at